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Buyer’s Guide To Crystal
- Feb 18, 2019 -

Swarovski Strass Crystal

The Seal “ crystal from Swarovski” serves as a certificate of authenticity for products with genuine Swarovski crystals. Considered the finest crystal in the world. Swarovski branded crystal is manufactured by Swarovski AG in the Austrain Alps. Optically pure and free of flaws, the crystal is perfect in every way. All the crystals are treated with an invisible coating, which eliminates dust attraction and makes it easier to clean. Each crystal of 12mm in size or larger is indelibly etched with a trapezoid marking to signify that have purchased the most perfect crystal.


Swarovski Strass Golden Teak

Swarovski Golden Teak crystal color is coated to give warmth and elegance. Every piece carries the Swarovski branded signature and guarantees optical purity, quality and true value found in Swarovski.


Spectra Crystal Reliable crystal quality by Swarovski

A passion for perfection has made Swarovski a world leader in the production of cut crystal, Swarovski has used advanced technology with old world knowledge to produce a brilliant crystal with precision cutting and superior light reflection. This crystal type is designed for a crystal connoisseur demanding quality at an affordable price.


Hand Cut Clear Crystal

The hand cut crystal is cut by hand in two stages on an iron wheel and then on a sandstone wheel. Each crystal is then polished on a wooden wheel with marble dust. These methods go back centuries. If you look closely you will notice faint traces of the wood-wheel attesting to the concentrated labor of the artisan; this is a mark of authenticity. Each piece is a unique and original masterpiece.


Hand Cut Golden Teak Crystal

The Golden Teak is a transparent crystal of a high degree of brilliance. The fire and brilliance of the crystal comes from the reflection of light passing through the prism. The soft glow of the Golden Teak color is added to the crystal and then hand polished on a wooden wheel. The soft tones of the Golden Teak crystal add warmth to any décor.

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