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Crystal wall lamp brings warm feeling to home life
- Jan 12, 2018 -

Crystal wall lamp can give home life to bring more warm and romantic beauty, but we usually think that the beauty of things with its position is very large, so crystal and beautiful wall lamp How to show its charm more perfectly? The next step is to explain how the crystal wall is installed.
First of all, to determine the installation location, the installation height of the wall lamp should be slightly more than the visual flat line, in 1.8 meters high, to be determined after the position of the lampholders fixed, first take out the inside bracket on the wall to make a mark,
Then use the embedded parts or drilling method, and then plug into the expansion pipe screws fixed bracket.
Then put the light on the line can be, but in the operation process should be careful not to hit the wire position.
The illumination of the wall lamp should not be too big, this is more artistic appeal, the choice of wall lamp shade should according to the color of the walls, white or milk-yellow wall, suitable for light green, light blue shade, Hung and sky-blue wall, should be used milky, yellowish color, brown shade, so that in large area color background wall, embellishment on a display purpose wall lamp, Give people a sense of elegance and freshness. Connect the wall lamp to choose light color, easy to apply to the wall with the same paint to keep the wall clean. In addition, the wall can be dug into a small slot just embedded in the wire, the wire embedded, filled with lime, and then coated with the same paint as the wall.

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