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The cleaning technique of crystal lamp
- Jan 12, 2018 -

1. Crystal bead of wiping: bead, must have a soft cloth stained with detergent diluted water, gently in the crystal beads on the back of the same time wipe (wipe the bead can not pinch pull down, so as not to tear the bead string).
2. Keep the light body balance: If you want to remove all the beads to clean, large lamps should be careful to remove the bead string when the light body balance, do not remove the other side and then remove the lamp body tilt, resulting in lamp body or frame deformation, should be paired with disassembly.
3. Wipe Bracket Accessories: In the wiping bracket, accessories, soft cloth do not dip water, especially not to touch alcohol water, so as to avoid the loss of plating layer outside the protective film, affecting the light frame of the surface gloss effect.
4. Attention to safety: when wiping the lamp racks, to cut off the power supply, the light bulb should be removed and then installed, the light bulb should be moderate, too loose will produce bad contact, too tight may twist the light bulb, want the crystal lamp to give full play to its effect, it is best to choose ordinary transparent light bulb, and do not scrub or color bulb.
5. Timely replacement of accessories: found beaded connection buckle rust discoloration, an unattractive, brittle crack, preferably by the way, found bead string defects, should be timely completion.
6. The purchase of special cleaning agent, spraying on the crystal lamps, cleaning agents will be together with dust and stains volatile, but also can be removed from the crystal pendant soaked in kerosene, after the stain softened with washing powder cleaning, drying and then installed up.

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