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The comprehensive lighting intelligent system will be the next vent?
- Aug 21, 2018 -

Lighting enters semiconductor lighting from the traditional, and will enter intelligent lighting in an instant.

Some pioneers have already included LED lights in the traditional lighting series. I believe that I will foresee, and I will have a chance to win. So where is the next outlet in the lighting industry?

Quantum's comprehensive lighting intelligent system, Baidu has not been clearly defined. The Quantum Total Lighting Intelligent System is a lighting control system that covers the entire building or the entire campus and centrally regulates all lighting and curtains. Its Quantum software provides energy usage, control, monitoring, management and feedback from a single to the entire equipment lighting system.

This definition, perhaps this is not convincing, just like the feeling that there will be a driverless car, who believes? However, the reality is constantly approaching the questioning, and the development of AI artificial intelligence has greatly exceeded people's expectations.

Simply summarize the advantages of the "Comprehensive Lighting Intelligent System":

*The first is "all", which can fully adjust the lighting and natural light.
*The second is to reduce unnecessary electricity consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions through duty detection.
*The third is to reduce operating expenses, especially peak power.
*The fourth is to create a better atmosphere of light from the perspective of people-oriented.
*The Fifth, wireless docking can be implemented, and the ideal light zone can be achieved without rewiring.

The sun was already full of the office, and the lights were still shining without any ignorance; the room was empty, and the lights would be extremely serious with the attitude of the master. Such a scenario may be commonplace and accustomed to. But this is an inefficient lighting or out of control lighting, which wastes energy and can cause discomfort due to excessive lighting, thus reducing work efficiency.

Society is progressing, human beings are making progress, and work is going to be busier. According to calculations, almost half of a person's life is spent in the office. If the environment of light can vary from person to person, comfort is high, and work efficiency will naturally be directly proportional to it.

Therefore, from lighting to illuminating, and then from lighting control to lighting management is the general trend.

Who can't say that it is only a light to make a lamp for a lifetime? No one can say that selling a lamp only sells one lamp in his life? The future is full of challenges and is unpredictable.

Suddenly one day, there must be dimming of lights, and there must be natural light when there is light. What should I do? It’s not too late to leave now, the next vent is waiting for you!


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