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The effect of crystal wall lamp
- Jan 12, 2018 -

Crystal wall lamp belongs to interior decoration lamps, usually with ivory glass lampshade, bulb power more than 15~40 watts. Light and elegant harmony, the environment can be decorated with elegant, rich. Common wall lamp has bedside wall lamp, mirror before wall lamp, ordinary wall lamp and so on. Bedside wall lamps are mostly installed in the upper left of the bedside, the lamp can rotate, beam concentration, easy to read; The mirror is decorated in front of the bathroom mirror.
Crystal wall effect of good or bad, and the size of space. If the home space is large enough to install the wall lamp, but also note that the installation height should be slightly more than the visual flat line. At the same time, wall lamps should not be too bright, so more space-rich atmosphere. In addition, the installation of wall lamp, to consider the relationship between wall lamp and metope, the color of the paint is rich, you can change the way the wall color, so that wall lamp on the walls do not appear isolated. For example, white or goose-yellow walls, the wall lamp can choose light green, blue light; Hung and sky-blue wall can be matched with milky white, yellowish color, brown, in the background, a conspicuous wall lamp, not only become a finishing touch, but also give people a sense of fresh and elegant.

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