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The luxurious beauty of crystal ceiling lamp
- Jan 12, 2018 -

Crystal ceiling lamp Shed The crystal chandelier is too large bracket and structure, will all the support and suspension of the structure assembled in one place, leaving more space to show the crystal Luxury and beauty.

With the heating of home decoration, the changes in the ceiling lamp are changing, no longer limited to the former single lamp, and the formation of a variety of crystal ceiling to diversify the development, both absorbing the luxury and style of the chandelier, and the use of the ceiling-type installation method, to avoid the shorter room can not install large luxury lighting defects. Crystal Ceiling lamp body directly installed on the roof, suitable for the overall lighting, usually used in the living room and bedroom.

Crystal Ceiling lamp In the installation and use should pay attention to the following points:
(1) When installing the ceiling lamp in the masonry structure, the embedded bolt should be used, or the expansion bolt, nylon plug or plastic stopper shall be used. And the bearing capacity of the fixed parts should match the weight of the crystal ceiling lamp. To ensure that the ceiling lamp is firmly fixed and reliable, and can prolong its service life.
(2) When the expansion bolt is fixed, the bolt specification should be chosen according to the technical requirements of the product, and the diameter and depth of the drill should be in accordance with the bolt specification.
(3) The number of fixed lampholders bolts shall not be less than the number of fixed holes on the base of lighting, and the bolt diameter should match the aperture, the base has no fixed installation hole lighting (the installation of its own drilling), each lighting for fixed bolts or screws should not be less than 2, and the center of gravity of the lamp and the bolt or screw center of gravity to coincide , 1 bolts or screws can be used only if the diameter of the insulating table is 75mm and below.
(4) Crystal ceiling lamp can not be directly installed in combustible objects, and some families in order to beautiful paint with the three plywood lining behind the ceiling lamp, in fact, this is very dangerous, must take heat insulation measures; If the luminaire surface high-temperature parts near the combustible material, also take heat insulation or heat dissipation measures.
(5) equipped with crystal bulb ceiling lighting, light bulbs should not be close to the lampshade; the power of crystal lamp bulbs should also be selected according to the technical requirements of products, not too large to avoid the bulb temperature is too high, the glass after the rupture downward splash wounding.
(6) with the crystal ceiling lamp power supply line connecting two threads, electrical contact should be good, but also separate with black tape wrapped, and maintain a certain distance, if possible not to put the two threads under the same piece of metal, so as not to short-circuit, dangerous.
(7) Educating children not to throw balloons in the indoor lighting, so as to avoid the crystal ceiling hanging on the decorative objects or affect the decorative effect of lighting.

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