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Use of crystal wall lamp
- Jan 12, 2018 -

Crystal Wall lamp is a kind of functional classification of crystal lamps. At first, the crystal wall lamp is only used in the corridor, aisle, doorway and so on space narrow place. Since later people gradually to the crystal lamp hot rods, and the pursuit of luxurious material enjoyment, crystal wall lamp from the original lighting and decorative balance function imbalance, is now biased decorative function. Crystal wall lamp is made of natural crystal/quartz. Crystal lamps are able to shine brightly, mainly crystal ball purity and cutting surface and lead content. Therefore, consumers in the purchase should look at the crystal ball has no cracks, bubbles, water ripples and impurities, only crystal clear transparent ball can play the best performance of optics, so that the light reflected through the magnificent color, and the crystal ball on the cutting surface to see whether it is smooth, angular or not clear, so that the crystal ball refraction effect to achieve the best And from the lead content of the crystal ball lighting, the general high quality crystal ball, will use all lead crystal, lead oxide content of not less than 30%, this is a most performance of raw materials, can emit bright colors.
Now is a minimalist era, modern minimalist crystal wall to the simple space to add a little aura, so young people choose to buy lighting generally prefer the modern minimalist style. But some people who pay attention to taste, identity will choose the European-style crystal lamp, bright, gorgeous crystal slightly solemn, luxurious.
Walking in the crystal wall lighting aisle, cozy, warm, romantic, simple a kind of comfortable feeling all come to mind, suddenly feel that the world can be so beautiful, so pure.
In the evening, the door clothes leather collar, hand stick flowers lover, crystal wall lamp romantic lamplight shines, so romantic, sweet, the world is no happier than this thing.

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