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Crystal Lamp Maintenance Tips
- Jan 12, 2018 -

First of all, crystal love to regular cleaning. Regular cleaning of the home crystal lamp can achieve good maintenance effect, whether it is crystal ceiling lamp or crystal chandelier, regular cleaning to ensure that the refractive index of crystal lamp, but the lighting is even more brilliant. Clean the crystal lamp should first cut off the power of the crystal lamp, then the crystal pendant metal connectors are removed, and the preparation of new metal pendants, Crystal has a better physical performance, can resist strong acid-base detergent, so you can use after washing clean water. After cleaning, the crystal pendant can not be casually piled together, but should be gently put well. Then poured water, spit clean sand and detergent residue, and finally with a new metal chain will be crystal string, back to the original flavor. Crystal more resistant to dirt, it is not easy to clean the frequency is too high, generally speaking, every other year a clean is more reasonable.
Secondly, the crystal lamp should be maintained regularly. In addition to regular cleaning of crystal lamps, the maintenance of crystal lamps should also be regularly checked. The inspection is mainly to see the lamp frame and light source of the crystal lamp whether there is rust, loosening of the situation, and the crystal chandelier inside the light and rust of the lamp shelf in time to replace. In addition, for hanging in the living room on the top of the crystal chandelier every three months to see the ceiling of the embedded parts and hanging chain, hook whether there is a loosening of aging phenomenon, and make corresponding treatment.

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