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Historical Data Of Crystal Lamp
- Jan 12, 2018 -

1618, metal lamp frame, hanging with natural crystal made of egg-shaped and spray pendant.
1673, because the natural crystal price is expensive and the quality is difficult to guarantee, so imitation natural crystal, with excellent glass as crystal lighting idea began to sprout. The world's first man-made crystal lighting, for the French Italian Bernardo Mr. Perotto, created in 1673. The lamp still exists in the museum.
1687, French Emperor Louis 14 imported from Italy a batch of crystal lights made of natural crystal/quartz, installed in the palace of the Vatican. As this matter is clearly recorded in the inventory record, so we often use the palace as the source of the crystal lamp.
1699, Louis 14 in the year decided to grant a patent to Mr. M.bertin, the production of die-casting glass, instead of natural quartz, as a pendant crystal lamp.
Crystal pendant and accessory of crystal lamp in 1800, was born in Italy and France because of demand. But Bohemia in the 17 to 18th century, in order to cheap, high quality and high yield, male tyrants the crystal Lighting pendant accessories market.
And the Crystal lamp also became popular.

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