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Selection Of Installation Location Of Crystal Lamp
- Jan 12, 2018 -

First, the illumination must guarantee each kind of activity needs different illumination realization. Writing, games, rest, visitors and so on, no matter what activities should be the corresponding lighting to play a role. This kind of illumination should be scientific light, make people not feel tired, not only benefit the eye health, and save electricity.
Second, the lighting to be able to foil the room more beautiful. Light irradiation to take into account the interior of the contours, levels and the main image of some special furnishings such as ornaments, hanging paintings, carpets, vases, fish tanks, but also to reflect or even beautify their colors.
Third, the lighting should be reliable and safe. Lamps are not allowed to occur leakage, fire and other phenomena, but also to do one on the bright, one off on the off.

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