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The Manufacture Technology Of Crystal Lamp
- Jan 12, 2018 -

Crystal lamp is a symmetrical object, the obvious characteristic is the space relation is rigorous, if the process error is big, the lamp assembly will waste a lot of manpower and time, at the same time will affect the quality, even if installs, also can appear many problems, installs the lamp to be able to appear the situation which the luminaire is askew Judging whether the hardware process is fine, you can find a lot of rings pendant lamp look, carefully see all the rings are not symmetrical, from the light is below to see if the rules of concentric circles, from the side, all the ring height difference is not the same. Crystal Lamp is very pay attention to symmetrical and unified lighting, the production of data needs to be very rigorous. It is easy to distinguish jagged crooked with the naked eye.

Wind Welding
In the crystal lamp There are many places in addition to screw lock is used in welding, welding is a craft, the technical requirements of the workers are very high, the need for welding ring, fountain, different hardware accessories need to be fixed together, most of them are wind welding.

Polishing of surface treatment
Metal surface polishing is the first step of electroplating, which is of great significance. The surface of metal raw materials is rough, striped, if not polished directly electroplating will give people very uncomfortable feeling, as the decoration of the top lighting-crystal lamp also lost its noble significance.

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