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The Technique Of Choosing Crystal Lamp
- Jan 12, 2018 -

Crystal lamp because it can bring elegant and fashionable atmosphere of the room, by many consumers love and buy. Although nowadays, more types, more styles of lighting has entered the market, like a pair of crystal lamp than the Battle of the battle. With the development of optical fiber and diode technology, the crystal lamp becomes more mini, lightweight, more suitable for the modern style of home decoration. Coupled with the development of crystal cutting technology, crystal lights become more compact, its very modern sense of line and dreamy color, will become a modern bedroom a big bright spot. The progress and development of these technologies make crystal lamps still occupy a very important position in the market, and still be favored by consumers. In the choice of crystal lamp, consumers should pay attention to the following aspects.

Different choices of family and space.
In the purchase of crystal lights, we must pay attention to the size of the space and the shape of the lamp to choose. Industry insiders pointed out that, according to the requirements of space, 20 square meters-30 square meters of living room to choose the diameter of 1 meters in the crystal lamp. According to different families, different rooms have a focus on the choice: Many families are mainly for the use of the living room, so the main choice of the atmosphere, beautiful suction roof and hanging type of crystal lamp; some young people or newly married people, in the bedroom decoration, may wish to choose exquisite charming, warm shade of the pendant wall-style crystal lamp , if you want to install crystal lights in the kitchen, you can install a energy-saving and reflect the warm life of the hanging crystal lamp.

Identify brands in case weeding.
The crystal lamps on the market are starting at thousand yuan. Different brands of crystal lamps are similar in appearance. It is noteworthy that some unscrupulous manufacturers only do cosmetic, they are in the larger crystal lights outside or obvious place to install high-quality light beads, and in the lighting of the inner layer or hidden place is shoddy. In this way, they are very similar to some famous brand lighting, the same appearance, people usually choose the lower price. As everyone knows, those goods things, foul. Long time, all kinds of problems have been presented. So people in the selection must be eyes, carefully selected. Some famous brand crystal lamp manufacturers to ensure their quality and let consumers buy the real brand and use to be assured that in each crystal veneering engraved with brand logo, so if you buy brand name, as long as the purchase of carefully identified brand logo on it.

Pay attention to whether the color is lasting.
Different grades of crystal lamp service life is also different. Although the difference between high school files is not prominent, but the quality of the difference between the low-grade is very obvious. Consumers in the purchase of crystal lights first to see its colorful effect, then look at its gold-plated, general high-grade metal fittings for electroplating 24K Gold, this gold-plated years will not change color, will not rust, low-grade is not up to this effect, two or three months will lose the original color. Low-grade crystal lamp After a period of time, color will be dark, stent rust, and high-grade two or three years or even longer time will not change color.

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